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What Is the Difference Between Hair Lamination and Keratin Straightening?

Are you wondering about the difference between keratin straightening and hair lamination? Well! Both methods treat the hair and protect it from adverse environmental impact. But which is a better option? Not many products help with damaged hair. Lamination and keratin straightening are among the ones that really do the job. Let’s try to figure out which one would be better?

Hair is basically composed of keratin, so keratin straightening helps to saturate them with this material lost due to the harmful environmental effects. Keratin penetrates the hair structure. It provides protection against UV radiation, wind, cold, chlorine-containing water, and heavy metals; from cigarette smoke and street dust. On the other hand, lamination is the application for strands of unique compounds covering each hair with a thin film. It retains moisture inside the hair, protects it from environmental effects, and also fills cavities and voids inside the hair, soothes the scales.

Pros of keratin

Keratin treatment gives a lustrous shine, silky feeling, and hair becomes dramatically straight. It makes hair styling easy without any damage to hair straightness.  There remains no need to apply mousses and serums after keratin straightening. It does not necessarily harm the hair structure due to substances used for organic compounds.

Pros of Lamination

keratin straighteningIt heals the hair. It provides the hair with proteins, vitamins, and other beneficial substances. The means for laminating are hypoallergenic so that they can be used even during pregnancy.  It can be repeated over time, as it does not over-saturate the hair Lamination can be done after perming.

So, what to choose when it comes to hair lamination vs. keratin straightening. Both the treatments potentially help the damaged hair along with adding strength, beauty, and shine to hair. As a matter of fact, it is entirely a personal choice as both methods do not pose any threats to hair structure.