Green Eyes

What Is the Best Color Mascara for Green Eyes?

Colored Mascara seems to have become the newest beauty sensation to hit our Instagram feed. And that if we can’t do without a cosmetic item, it is indeed a mascara. As of today, vloggers, celebrities, and buddies have traded their standard black tube for a more vibrant option. From the purple to the burgundy mascara, it’s fair to say that there are a few best options for choosing the best-colored mascara ideas for green eyes. The post might help you to end up your curiosity.

How Do You Apply Mascara to Your Lashes?

When you’re willing to change your cosmetic routine by changing a conventional black or brown shade for a vibrant mascara, then the sky is the limit.  Below are four possible approaches that you can use to finish off the eye look.

eye look

Multicolored Bottom Lashes

Eye-catching, bold eyelashes will attract peoples’ attention. Adopt a vibrant mascara appearance, and then you’ll be assured to become a trend-setter amongst your buddies.

Curved Lashes

We are confident that you know how to contour the facial structure, but maybe you will not even know that you can contour the lashes as well. All you need to do is to swipe the eyelid primer over the edges of your eyelids, then add the Mascara over the end. Complete your makeup by adding dark Mascara to the lower edge.

All-Around Coloured Lashes

You must act boldly or be forever miserable. Try completely adopting the coloured mascara style by adding a few colorful mascara coats to the upper and lower lashes for an all-around coloured fringe.

Two-Tone Eyelashes

Why not just use two coloured Mascara rather than one coloured Mascara? Adding one tone to your upper lashes and another color to your lower lashes to get a two-tone appearance.

The Best Colored Mascara for Green Eyes

If you already have green eyes and looking for the best-colored Mascara for green eyes, consider giving a try burgundy mascara. You’ve heard that the opposites attract, and that’s never been more accurate.  Even though green and red are the ideal holiday combination, carrying a burgundy mascara could very well match your eye color so wonderfully that your mates will indeed feel jealous. Although violet & green are almost opposite each other on the color chart, you could even count the violet mascara as another right choice for your lashes.

Green eyes are indeed the sexiest of all skin colors. Research has shown that a variety of variables must fit together for almost impossible looking green eyes to occur. But since they’re so unique, it can be a challenge to find ideal Cosmetic products, but we hope that Mascara isn’t one of them.