Long Hair Brushing Rules

You may not give it much attention when it relates to combing your hair. But did you even know there is the correct way—and the wrong way—to do this regular stuff? It appears clear that many of us are prone to do even more damage than good when it gets to brushing our hair daily. The best part? With some modifications, the correct equipment, and some practice, you can improve the health and beauty of your long hair by brushing the proper way. One needs to keep Long hair brushing rules in mind.

Advantages of Brushing Long Hair

It helps spread the natural oils produced by the scalp from roots to the end of the hair. Brushing long hair improves the scalp’s blood flow, ultimately resulting in healthier hair and boosted hair growth. It helps in removing hair that is shed because of the natural aging process.

combing your hair

How to Brush Long Hair in the Right Way?

Following are the ways to brush your long hair. It is imperative to always use a clean brush for long hair. The right kind of brush is essential to handle your hair’s length like a good paddle brush.

Always start brushing long hair from the end and slowly work up to the roots. Once the hair is untangled, try to distribute the oils to the length of your hair. Avoid over and vigorous brushing. The gentler it is, the more beneficial it is. It is a thumb up rule not to brush wet hair.

Knowledge of brushing long hair will help avoid breakage and injury. It can also keep your hair smooth, shiny, and free from tangles. Brushing your hair twice a day is a healthy habit. Different approaches and techniques must be kept in mind while brushing wet hair versus dry hair.