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5 Natural Hair Dyes to Color Hair at Home

You may color your hair in many styles, whether it’s finished in a salon, in a package at home, or with a temporary mist. Common hair dyes, though, can involve highly poisonous and dangerous chemicals such as ammonia or parabens. One way to prevent these additives is by coloring at home with organic hair dyes, which also use products that you may already have at home. Consider the following natural hair dyes to color hair at home if you’re searching for different ways to dye your hair.

Carrot Juice

If you want to add your hair to a reddish-orange color, consider carrot juice. Depending on the color of your hair, it will continue for many weeks.

Beet’s Juice

If you like a darker red hue and a cooler undertone, go for beet juice rather than carrot juice.


Henna is an organic plant-based pigment that is commonly used to render temporary tattoos applied to the skin. You may still use it to color the red hair. Henna arrives in fine powder and is perhaps the longest-lasting, most vivid natural hair coloring choice. It can last as much as four to six weeks.

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Juice of Lemon

Lemon juice will help you steadily rid your hair of its color, lightening it over time. It’s better used to produce sun-kissed shadows spontaneously. Unlike the other approaches mentioned here, which result in quick color shifts, the effects of lemon juice are irreversible. The dye on the part of the hair where you add the juice of the lemon is gone. You will get rid of the lightened hair by shaving it off.


A cup of blended coffee would do more than give you an increase in caffeine. It could even make you color your hair the shade or two more profound, which might even hide any grey hair.