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What Is A Bubble Wand Curling Iron?

A bubble wand curling iron means a hair curler that has a specialized bubble like a positioning rod. It is termed as a beginner model. Some experts call it “a curling wand with training wheels,” the bubble irons are fitted with a textured rod that gives you a positioning template. Because of its crease pattern, it guides the hair between those creases to give uniform waves. The only disadvantage maybe is that hair must be long enough to fit the bubbles.” Whether or not you opt for a version with or without a clip is your discretion, be sure to weave your strands through the thin sections between the bubbles for a flawless texture.

Natural Waves

Use A Bubble Wand Curling Iron for Natural Waves

Use a bubble wand curling iron for more natural curls and waves that you can create at home, quick and straightforward. All simple wands will deliver you the joy of shaping your hair the same way you like, but only the bubble curling wands will give you curls of various types and sizes due to the bubbles’ unique thicknesses present on a rod. You can mix large and small winds with close and narrow waves, or you can select just one form, only one brand, without any further attachments. If you use a gentle curling wand, you could get an old school classic look quickly.

Precautions to Use A Bubble Wand Curling Iron

  • Make sure your hair is detangled and dry. Wet hair will not give you a perfect result.
  • Don’t forget to use a hair serum or a heat protectant before curling your hair.
  • Divide your hair into sections for a uniform result.
  • Start from the thick part of the rod towards the thinner part.

Leave on serums, and hair setting sprays after curling are always recommended to lock the curls.