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Causes of Dry Face Skin

Dry skin is typically not severe. It is driven by extreme hot and cold weather, insufficient humidity in the air, and too much soaking in warm water in certain circumstances. You can also do a bit of your own to enhance your skin, like dry face skin treatment at home by using moisturizers or specific types of soaps, and quite often, dry skin condition turns into a severe problem. In such situations, you should get the guidance of a doctor.

Signs of Dry Face Skin

  • Skin which appears rough
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Significant cracks that might start bleeding

Some Causes of Dry Face Skin

There is also an atmospheric explanation for dry skin. Such conditions may also have a serious effect on your skin. Possible causes of dry face skin entail:


Skin appears to be extremely dry in cold weather as temperature but also humidity drops. However, the weather doesn’t always make a difference if you’re living in tropical areas.


Heating system, wood-burning furnaces, heaters as well as lamps all minimize moisture, which causes skin dryness.

Hot showers

You will dry out your skin by having regular hot baths. So can regular swimming, especially in intensely chlorinated water.

Aggressive Soaps or Cleaning Products

Many common soaps, cleaning products, or cleansers extract moisture from the surface because they are manufactured to extract oil.

Exposure to Sunlight

Too much sunlight exposure will cause your face to dry or even crack in the worst-case scenario.


Frequent smoking can damage your skin cells hence resulting in dried face skin.

Other Conditions of The Skin

Individuals with skin disorders like eczema or any other skin related diseases are susceptible to dry skin.

When to Consult the Physician

skin healthSome forms of dry skin react well to lifestyles and natural remedies. Please visit your physician if:

  • Despite the best attempts, your skin does not really get any better.
  • Dry skin is followed by redness.
  • Dryness or scratching disturbs during sleep.
  • You’ve got sores and wounds through scratching.

It is understood that our lifestyle can play a huge role in skin health, especially facial skin. Many individuals can control or treat dryness by only using natural remedies. And in case if the dry skin does not get any better, only then can a person use OTC medicine or any cream but only after consulting with a doctor because self-medication can sometimes worsen the problem instead of treating it.